JD Family Counseling is a sole proprietorship owned by  Julie Ayn Discenza,  licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, # 92632.

About Julie:

Before becoming a therapist, Julie worked  in the field of education and school counseling for over 18 years.  Teaching and counseling at all levels (K-Adult) has given Julie an array of experiences working with diverse populations with diverse needs.   Julie has a very compassionate, low key demeanor, and a calming, non judgmental presence.

Currently, Julie works in her private practice in Murrieta, CA.

On her free time, Julie enjoys family time, animals, playing the piano, cooking Italian food, and writing.

As a Christian woman, Julie strongly believes that all people are capable of living fulfilling lives and having healthy, enriching relationships within their families and communities.   Julie is gifted at helping others find and utilize their personal power and God given strengths to the betterment of all of their relationships.  It is through Love of God, Love of Others, and Love of Self that one can unlock the innate potential for lifelong connections and authentic living.  Her motto is, “Integrate the Yearnings of your HEART with the Wisdom of your HEAD.  Although Julie is Christian, she works with and welcomes people from all religious backgrounds.

JD Family Counseling offers a variety of services.  Please find detailed information regarding services on above pages.