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Scatter Bright: A Program to Treat ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that begins in early childhood; but for some, it is often not diagnosed until Adulthood.  This disorder, or what I prefer to call an atypical brain style, affects the development and expression of executive functioning skills.  Executive functioning skills involve non-verbal working memory; verbal working memory; self-regulation of affect, motivation, and arousal; and reconstitution.  They help us do what we need to do to live productive, happy lives. They comprise a broad range of competencies that develop progressively from birth through early adulthood

 12 essential executive functioning skills described by Peg Dawson, an ADHD Consultant and Coach, are as follows:

Response Inhibition

Working Memory

Emotional Control

Task Initiation

Sustained Attention



Time Management



Goal-Directed Persistence

Stress Tolerance

ADHD looks very different in everyone and needs to be treated as such. It can affect many executive functioning skills, or only a few.  Impairment from ADHD is on a spectrum. Having ADHD does not equate to an inability to succeed.  In fact, many successful people have learned to manage it and live very productive and even lucrative lives. Because it is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed, proper treatment is delayed.  With the right treatment and support, ADHD can be managed beautifully.

People with ADHD often present with an insidious history of self-esteem injuries resulting from years of invalidating statements such as: “You are lazy,” “You are too sensitive.” “You never finish what you start.” “You never think ahead.” You never learn from your mistakes.” etc.

Scatter Bright is a strengths-based program in which one’s interests, talents, and positive attributes are harnessed to increase motivation and compensatory skills. Behavioral Therapy (BT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) are purposefully interwoven to deliver a unique, effective therapeutic experience. Because ADHD affects the entire family unit, the parent and/or spouse is included in treatment.


               Assess Executive Functioning Skills

               Maximize Executive Functioning Strengths

               Develop skills for Executive Functioning Weaknesses

               Understand and Reframe ADHD (Education and Parent Training)

               Master Relaxation Skills

               Heal ADHD Trauma and Restore Self-Esteem

There are four basic programs and one support group:

Scatter Bright Child with Parent (5–12-year-old)

Scatter Bright Teen with Parent (13–17-year-old)

Scatter Bright Adult (18 years and up)

Scatter Bright Couple (One partner has ADHD)

Scatter Bright Parent/Spouse Support Group

The basic structure for all programs is comprised of two parts.  Part one addresses skill deficits, and part two address self-esteem traumas.

Julie is an ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider (ADHD-CCSP) and has created this eclectic, growth-minded program for those who are challenged and blessed with ADHD. Spending the early part of her career as a teacher and school counselor has given Julie a unique perspective on ADHD. Fellow ADHD travelers have many hidden intelligences and skills that are often muted by the echoes of distorted beliefs and messages imparted by a “one size fits all” educational system. Julie has the educational experiences, clinical training and expertise, and the compassionate understanding of ADHD. Take the next step for a brighter future and call or email Julie today.