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Chronic Giftedness

Chronic Giftedness Living with a chronic disease has given me the opportunity to fully embrace and embody the art of Mindfulness. Mindfulness has become a trendy word/concept inordinately overused and “under”-understood by professionals and lay people alike- be mindful of this, be mindful of that, be mindful of other people, be mindful of what you … [Read more…]

Induced Shame

Guilt is about behavior (i.e.: I did something wrong), and shame is about personhood (i.e.: I am something wrong). Shame, in its healthy form teaches one about personal limits, keeps one humble, and allows one to be human and make mistakes. Healthy shame has boundaries and encourages movement that accepts and honors those boundaries (Bradshaw, … [Read more…]

Teens and Boundaries

One of the most difficult challenges parents face with their adolescents is knowing when and how to draw the line regarding typical teenage issues.   There are several factors to consider when negotiating the most appropriate boundaries for your teenager.  Each of the following factors will be discussed in a separate article: Understanding  Boundaries – Article … [Read more…]

Does Your Child Have Separation Anxiety?

  Does Your Child Have SEPARATION ANXIETY? Common Indicators of Separation Anxiety (SAD): School Refusal School Tardiness Somatic Complaints (headaches, stomach aches, nausea. . .) with no medical cause Irritability and Restlessness Refusal to Eat at School Excessive need for Reassurance Symptoms are alleviated by phone calls home or by leaving school Parents can Help! … [Read more…]