At JD Family Counseling, Julie offers a variety of psycho-educational counseling groups. 

Julie strives to create a quality experience for group members by keeping groups small and personable.  A small group experience lends itself to an environment in which the quantity of support, feedback, and education is unlimited.

“Paws” to Remember: A Pet loss Support Group 

Losing a companion animal may be extremely painful.   Animal lovers often feel very alone after the loss of a beloved pet. Companion animals are so much more than pets; they are life affirming, and offer enduring, unconditional love and affection.  Sadly, our culture trivializes pet loss and tends to shame people for having intense attachments to their animals.  This underscores the need for professional pet loss support. I do understand and you are not alone

This group meets once a month. Please call Julie for more information    

Young Women Who Rock. . .

Improvise to communicate effectively, amplify their talents, do not distort their body image, fine tune their friendships and know when to pluck the strings, use their voice to say “no” when necessary, synchronize their lives to reflect their values, recognize the strum of an unsafe relationship, are in unison with themselves and resonate with their band, orchestrate self-care, and compose calming harmonies!! This is an 8 week educational and support group for teen girls ages 14-17. It is a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) informed group. Teens will learn or brush up on the following skills: stress management, self-esteem, assertiveness, communication,  and anxiety reduction.  Time/Dates TBA. 

Too Good To Be True

When Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong again, and again, and again: Understanding the dichotomies of pathological men and why you keep choosing them. Do you have a chronic pattern of dating emotionally unavailable, abusive, or parasitic men?  Do you want to learn how to avoid relationships with “pathological” men? This is an 8 week, psychoeducational support group for women 18 years or older. The cost is $40 per session. Time/Dates TBA